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Carl F. Hess, a native of Memphis, TN, received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee of Knoxville and his Masters in Art Education from Carson Newman University. This international portrait artist’s numerous commissioned portraits have expanded his career to paint various subjects such as the President of the United States, Mayors, Federal Judges, Ambassadors, Governors, Bishops and Pastors. Carl feels that every great leader, whether religious, influential, or political, should have an official portrait painted of them in honor of their legacy. This artist paints phenomenal portraits that are capable of portraying these leaders in an attractive light.


Carl has always had an artistic eye as a passionate artist who has been painting portraits since 2001. During his adolescent years, Carl's 6th grade art teacher recognized his talent and sent him to the Memphis College of Art for art classes on a full scholarship. Carl then began to seriously pursue his craft by attending art schools throughout grade school. During this time, he was taught the discipline and control that an artist should possess. This was made possible when Carl attended one of the most competitive art schools in the country, Overton High School. With the guidance of his extraordinary teachers, Carl's artwork began to reach an unbelievable level.


Between his professional career as a portrait artist, Carl teaches high school art as he nurtures the talents of inner city high school artist. The fulfillment that he receives from investing in younger artist surpasses any accomplishment in his professional career.

Carl he has been blessed with opportunities that many artist dream of. Having the chance to personally present two portraits to the President of the United States is a few of his many achievements. His first meeting with the President took place in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was fortunate enough to have the President to sign one of his original portraits. In response to a negative illustration displayed of President Obama and  First Lady in the New York Times (depicted as terrorist holding guns), Carl was encouraged to portray these two in their true light. As a result, he created the original "She Is" and presented the portrait to President Obama during a democratic rally in Roanoke, VA.


Currently, Carl is being considered by the White House for President and First Lady Michelle Obamas' official portraits.

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